Micronational Summit Czech Republic

Over the last few weeks the governments of the Parliamentary Monarchy of Duckionary and the United Republic of Obscurium have been planning a most unique event. You will of course be familiar with Microcon, a summit between many Micronations being held in the year 2022 in Las Vegas,. Unfortunately, the way to Las Vegas is difficult and expensive for many (especially) European Micronationalists. We therefore have decided to hold a similar summit in Europe in either late July or early August of 2022. The location for this summit would be the castle of a town in Czechia (Czech Republic). Our governments have been in contact with the owner of this castle and he has assured us that such an undertaking would indeed be welcomed by him. 
The advantages are obvious: A micronational summit in the heart of Europe, easy to reach with both car and public transport and being held in an actual castle. This is indeed a once in a lifetime opportunity. Furthermore, as anyone who has been to Czechia will know, the costs of travelling within this country are much lower than in many western nations, inlcuding the United States.

Included in this invitation are pictures of the town and castle, though more details will only be revealed once we have at least 10 people who have agreed to participate in this event. 
We sincerely hope that you will be one of them. 

All we need to know for now is if want to attend and if that is indeed the case, if you can guarantee that you will be able to attend during the time period mentioned above (of course we don’t know when Microcon 2022 will be held yet but we will naturally hold our summit at a different date so the two events do not overlap).
We believe that costs of the actual event you would have to bear would be very similar, to those of microcon (if not lower) and in addition, prices for the pension at the castle would be around 50 euros a night (one room for two people). 

We once again express our hope that you will be able to particiapte in this extraordinary event and are looking forward to hearing back from you. 

Of course, we also warmly welcome micronations from other parts of the world!


Here are some pictures of the castle:


Registrations at our email address mikronation.duckionary@gmail.com

We will announce the date of the MSCR soon!
364 53 Chyše, Tschechien